Why Are We Here?

MicroVenture Support seeks social justice through the expansion of economic opportunity for the world’s poor.  A pretty ambitious goal, isn’t it?  Well, we believe we have the right method, that we will test and perfect it, and that after we have some success, others will follow us.  And if all that doesn’t happen? Well, the least we can aim for is that the people we work directly with will come out better off, and that there will be some concentric circles of influence.

So….Argidius Foundation read our materials, investigated us, talked through a lot of issues, helped us refine our thinking, thought long and hard…..and now have invested in a feasibility study for installing our business incubation program in Mali.  This study needs to establish our viability from every conceivable angle

–is our service wanted

–is it needed

–will it be effective

–will the public and private institutions of Mali support our efforts and help us succeed

So Garrett and I will spend the next 3 weeks meeting with individuals high and low and in between: government, NGO, bi- and multi-laterals, academic, commercial, and — what I’m most excited about — our potential clients.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress and our findings.  We hope you find this a good read.

One Response to “Why Are We Here?”

  1. alonzo says:

    It very interesting how we as westerners feel like we have the answers for those in need and when we get to dealing with the realities of others, those answers tend to bend in unexpected directions. Reflection on 9/25 blog